Kind Words About Tara…

“Tara is the perfect blend of kindness, wisdom and conscientiousness. With true caring and active listening, she asks pertinent and profound questions to get to the heart of what is often keeping me from moving forward with my goals. She is truly able to synthesize what we discuss into logical and action-oriented goals, and her regular and consistent follow-up makes her a genuine partner in accountability. She is open and sharing with her extensive knowledge of holistic health, and I can always count on her for applicable and useful ideas and advice. Tara’s thoroughness and compassion make her a truly gifted coach.”

Jessica D.

“Tara’s strongest attribute is her genuine concern and love for people who touch her life.  Instinctively she senses the imbalances, emotionally and physically, and she thrives on taking great care of those lucky enough to be around her.   Her methods are thorough, precise and organized. Her determination to restore well-being and her self-giving ways are endearing.  Just sit down and chat with her for 1 hour and you will know what I mean.   Combine Tara’s personality with her passion and extraordinary things will happen.”

Linda D.

“Tara is highly knowledgeable about nutrition and has such a big heart for wanting to help others. There is such a beautiful warmth about her.”

Melanie P.

“Tara is number one when it comes to support and accountability, something that in the health care world is almost extinct.  Sometimes it’s hard to make changes on our own and Tara has showed me over the years that she can be that person of trust and with her personal support can help you reach your goals.”

Veronica C.

“I’ve really enjoyed the insight with helping to eat better!  This is the beginning of a lifestyle change.  Tara has helped me look at processed foods differently and be aware of unhealthy things that I put in and on my body. I loved the encouraging emails to stay on track while traveling and what to do on my transition days.  This will be a lifelong change and this is just the beginning.  I couldn’t have completed the changes without the motivation from Tara. I can’t wait to see more results from eating right and exercising. Tara has been my health coach but has become more of a good friend who helps me stay on track. Thanks, Tara!”

Lea C.

“Tara is naturally caring, nurturing and wise. Her support and advice are invaluable.”

Annabel C.

“Thank you for a great detox and all the support along the way.  Well worth it!”


“I agree with Christine, thanks so much for this detox.  You were very supportive and always on hand with suggestions, help and additional useful information. I had been feeling rather sluggish lately but now I feel like I have got my ‘bounce’ back!  Thanks for the experience Tara, you’re a star.  Best wishes,”


“Thank you for your kind & loving support that you gave me. I was keeping a food journal prior to beginning the detox, but NEVER wrote any symptoms I had with food.  Since then, I NOW know which foods to stay away from.

I wasn’t afraid to ask you anything and I loved the answers and feedback that you gave to my questions.  You helped me tremendously!!

Thanks again!! Until next time,”


Tara is very knowledgeable. The detox was a great experience and Tara was a great cheerleader!
I appreciate her support and helping me get back on track!  Thanks!
Stephanie M.